Venture Drilling East has 21 rigs, including 3 top hammer drills. Our fleet includes a variety of equipment- both track mounted and tire mounted- to meet any of our customer’s needs. The bulk of our fleet are production DTH machines (either track or truck mounted) to handle our customer high production volumes. These production machines are set up to drill 5” to 6.5.” holes. There are many reasons a customer might chose a track mounted vs. a truck mounted drill- our goal is to provide the machine a customer needs- to meet their geology and their budget.

“Our fleet includes over 20 vehicles utilized by drill and shop technicians, as well as managers, most of which is equipped with independent water and fuel tanks. A Mack 600 and trailer for rig mobilization.”

In addition, we have several hydraulic top hammer machines to handle the developmental needs of our customers. We typically drill 4” to 5” holes with these machines, but have the ability to handle other hole sizes if needed. Also, we have a pedestal mounted DTH machine to handle tricky situations that occur where a depth of over 55’ is needed.